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Recommended gear

Best ski boot bag 2019

Best ski boot bags

The first thing you should invest in after you’ve bought ski clothing is your own ski boots. Because, let’s face it, rental boots suck! Ski boots aren’t exactly handy though. So you need a way to carry them around and for storing them out of season. What you need is […]

Beardo ski masks

BEARDO ski masks and balaclavas are great fun

I rarely write a post about a single brand. This time though, I had to make an exception, because I think the Beardo Beard Hats, ski masks, and balaclavas are hilarious. The Canadian company Beardo launched the original Beard Hat in 2006. It is the invention of Canadian-born Jeff Phillips, […]

Best exercise gadgets for skiers

Best affordable home-exercise gear for skiing

Winter is coming. The skiing season is at hand. Its time to get in shape for the slopes. Being fit is important on the ski runs – even for the recreational skier. If you’re not in shape, fatigue will set in earlier and your more prone to injuries and accidents. […]

Best ski boot dryers

Taking good care of your ski boots is important if you want to keep them for many years. And the most important thing is to keep warm and dry after a day on the pistes. If you don’t make sure to dry your boots completely dry each night, the humidity […]

Best 5 affordable ski helmets 2022

You should wear a helmet when you ski. Helmets help reduce the severity of a range of injuries like skull fractures and lacerations. A helmet may even save your life one day, if you fall and hit your head on a rock, a tree or on a hard icy slope. As […]

best ski goggles for skiing

Best Budget Ski Goggles 2022

Ski goggles can be very expensive, but you don’t need the most expensive ones, to enjoy your holiday. In fact, you can get some great budget-friendly ski goggles, which offers a great bang for the bucks. Further down you in this article, I’ll present some great budget-friendly options. But first […]

Best camera gear for skiing

I’m a videographer and photographer by trade – and admittedly a bit of a gear slut. So even though this is kind of an accessory to skiing, I just had to have a post with some of my favorite gear. I don’t recommend much third-party gear for action cameras, because […]

Recommended high-quality clothing for skiing

Recommended ski clothes – from baselayer to shell

Here’s a list of recommended ski clothes that are either high-quality products and/or items which provide excellent value for money. These items are either from brands, that I trust from experience, recommended by friends, or from thorough research. If a piece of clothes is very popular, but I see multiple […]