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Hi and welcome to Sloperunner.com.

My name is Jan, and I’m from Denmark. – Not the town in Australia nor the US, but the country in Scandinavia. You know – the one with little mermaid, H.C. Andersen and the oldest Kingdom in the world.

I can still remember the feeling, when I first took the gondola lift to a peak in Ischgl in the 1995 and saw snow covered peaks glistening in the sun as far as the eye could see. From that moment I knew, that I had to do this again. And I hadn’t even tried to ski yet.

I’m by no means a good skier, nor do I claim to be. But I love the experience it is to stumble around in the mountains with two long boards strapped to my feet. I love the nature, the beautiful views, the sun and the thrill it gives me.

In Denmark, we don’t have any mountains. We claim to have one though. It’s called “Himmelbjerget” (the mountain in the sky), which is in fact just a big hill 482 feet high.

For the most part, our winters in Denmark suck! It is mostly grey days with lots of rain and cold. And when we finally do get some snow, it usually doesn’t last that long before it turns to dirty slush.

So the thought of going on a ski trip to Austria with more snow, cold and ice really didn’t appeal to me. That is until I finally caved and got there! Since then I’ve been on several skiing trips in many countries.

If I had to pick one single location as my favorite though, it is still in Austria – and the mountains around Sölden. The photo at the top of this post is from a trip to Sölden.

Disclaimer: I’m not a professional skier nor ski instructor, nor do I claim to be. I’m just a regular guy, who likes to ski whenever it is possible. Thus, I can’t be held responsible for any of the advice posted on this blog. Use your own judgment and be safe out there.