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Best camera gear for skiing


I’m a videographer and photographer by trade – and admittedly a bit of a gear slut. So even though this is kind of an accessory to skiing, I just had to have a post with some of my favorite gear.

I don’t recommend much third-party gear for action cameras, because I find most of it to be sub-standard when it comes to quality. For the same reason, I’m not a big fan of the bundles you can get, with third-party gear included, e.g., I would never use a third-party suction cup to mount my GoPro on my ski. I’ve tried, and it fell off all the time.

Best action camera for skiing

GoPro Hero7 Black is an awesome little camera with 4K HD video at 60 fps (frames per second) and the slow-motion shots at 240 fps at FullHD. The in-built camera stabilization makes it a skiers dream. It’s rugged, waterproof, and can be voice activated, which is great for those helmet cam shots or ski mounted low-angle shots. But now.

GoPro Fusion 360° camera is able to capture in 5.2K at 30 fps resolution or 3K  at 60 fps. However, what I find most cool is the ability to create standard 16:9 video from the footage. That means you can decide the framing in post-production, which is like having several cameras with different camera angles to choose from in post. The video quality is on par with the best of other 360-degree action cameras on the market, but the housing of the GoPro is also waterproof (which some of the competitors are missing), which is essential when you want to use it in the snow. Buy now.

Best gimbals for GoPro for skiing

GoPro Karma Grip is a perfect companion for smooth footage if the inbuilt electronic stabilization of the GoPro doesn’t cut it. The cage holds the camera firmly, and you don’t have the hassle of balancing the camera in the gimbal, which can sometimes be a problem with third-party gimbals. Thus you won’t put unnecessary strain on the motors and shorten the battery life. The first downside to this gimbal is, that you get a maximum of two hours (less in the cold) of battery life, and you can’t swap batteries. In other words, you have to recharge it again before you can take more footage. The second downside is, that it isn’t waterproof, so use it on bluebird days. Buy now.

Removu S1 is a very interesting gimbal for skiing. First of all, it is rainproof, which is nice. Second, it comes with a removable rechargeable battery, which offers 3-5 hours (make that 3 in cold weather) of battery life. Its’ biggest trick though is that it can transform into a separate gimbal and remote control. That means, that you can mount the gimbal itself e.g. on your helmet, and control it with the handle. Having this option opens up some very interesting options for getting smooth footage from new camera angles. Buy now.

Best gimbals with integrated camera

If you want a compact all-in-one solution for smooth footage, you should look for a gimbal with integrated camera.

DJI OSMO Pocket is a new lightweight and extremely compact and portable gimbal. It will shoot 4K at 60 fps at a stunning 100Mbps, which is impressive for a gimbal/camera at this size. It comes with several camera programs for tracking, panorama, motion lapse etc. Make sure you update the software frequently, since it is a new product, and it still has some kinks to iron out. Also make sure your phone has USB-C, or else you won’t be able to use it. Buy now.

Best action camera accessories for skiing

GoPro Dual Battery Charger + Battery lets you charge two GoPro batteries at the same time. The package includes the charger and an extra battery, which is a must-have in the cold since batteries don’t last as long. Buy now.

GoPro Supercharger – International Dual-Port Charger will let you charge up to two GoPro devices at once, and is a great piece of equipment to bring with you if you’re traveling to US, UK, EU or AU. It has both a USB-C port and USB-A port. Buy now.

GoPro Helmet Front + Side Mount lets you mount your GoPro on your helmet, and lets you capture those nice POV-shots. You simply use the adhesive pads to attach the mounts to your helmet, and then you’re good to go. Buy now.

GoPro Chest Mount Harness lets you wear your GoPro on your chest. The chest is one of the most stable places, to mount your GoPro for smooth footage while skiing in my experience. It will easily fit over your ski jacket (I wear it over a baggy snowboard jacket at the moment). The camera mount lets you capture straight ahead, or you can turn the camera downwards to capture your knees and skis. Buy now.

GoPro Suction Cup Mount is a little piece of great engineering. This is the option you want if you want to attach your GoPro to your skis. Don’t use the adhesive pads, they won’t stay on. I’ve used it on everything from cars to skis, and it just stays on. If you’re thinking about going for cheaper third-party options on any of your GoPro accessories, this is not the one to choose. I’ve tried with other suction cups, and they just keep falling off. Place it on a dry, clean, plane spot at room temperature – just behind the tip of your ski. You can either point it at yourself or down the pistes. Lock it down, attach a piece of string to your ski binding for extra safety, and you’re good to go. Buy now.

GoPro 3-Way is foldable selfie stick, which can be used as an extension arm, a camera grip or as a tripod. You can get some great shots of yourself skiing, with this arm. And if you put it in the snow as a tripod, you can get some cool low-angle shots of you and your friends skiing towards it and covering the GoPro with snow. Buy now.

GoPro Pole Mount is a great way to mount your camera on your ski pole. It’s a small accessory which lets you achieve the same result as a selfie stick, and it actually makes for some great footage. It comes with a mounting buckle, so you can easily move the camera from your ski pole to chest mount, helmet mount or gimbal. Buy now.

GoPro Smart Remote delivers full remote control of all your cameras functions up to 180 meters (600 feet) away. It is also waterproof, which is perfect for skiing. You can control up to 50 cameras at a time if you want to capture multiple angles. Buy now.

GoPro Grab Bag for Camera is probably the most boring and unsexy item on this list. But it is a great thing to have because it just makes your life so much easier when you misplace a thumbscrew or pivot arm. Or when you decide to try to angle your camera from a crazy position. I love having access to these extra parts when I use my GoPro for work. Buy now.

Joby GorillaPod Action Video Tripod is my go-to tripod for my GoPro. It’s just so versatile, and you can mount it almost anywhere. It’s flexible, lightweight, and comes with two quick-release clips-mounts for your GoPro. And the ball head lets you quickly adjust your camera for the perfect angle. Buy now

Best SD-cards for recording

SanDisk Extreme Pro 128 GB microSDXC memory card with SD adapter is what I prefer to use for most recordings up to 150Mbps (which is all my drone shots, GoPro shots, and most of my GH5 shots as well). The reason I chose this particular card is that it’s fast and not overly expensive, and I’ve found SanDisk, in general, to be very reliable. But also because it comes with an SD Adapter. Now, this might not seem like a big deal, but you’ll love it when you have to transfer your videos or photos to your hard drive. A lot of laptops and card-readers don’t come with a micro-SD sized slot – only SD. Also if you got a DSLR or mirrorless camera (like the GH5 below), you can use it there as well. The card and adapter are available in sizes from 32 GB to 400 GB, which are all available through the link: Buy now.

Best camera for skiing

Panasonic GH5 mirrorless camera with Leica 12-60 mm lens is my preferred run n’ gun camera. It’s got way too many features to cover here, so I’ll focus on why I think it’s an excellent choice for filming and taking photos for your ski trip instead. First, the GH5 is splashproof, dustproof, and freezeproof. It will just keep on going even in icy conditions. Second, it has 5-axis Dual I. S, which means that the stabilization in the lens will work together with the stabilization in the body. It removes the need for a gimbal most of the times. It can film 4K in 60fps, 180 fps in FullHD, 10 bit 4:2:2, shoot LOG, and has a 20,3MP sensor. It’s a beast of a workhorse, which comes with a set of features, you simply won’t find anywhere else for the price. I recommend you get it with the versatile Leica 12-60mm lens, which lets you get nice wide-angle shots but also gives you some room to zoom as well. Buy the combo now.

Best lightweight video and photo tripod for the GH5

Manfrotto Befree Carbon Fibre Travel Tripod with Ball Head is made from 100% carbon fiber which makes it extremely lightweight (1.38 kg) and very durable.
If you’re serious about capturing professional looking footage on your ski trip, you’re gonna need a lightweight, compact tripod. And this is just the thing. It has a minimum height of 41 cm and a maximum height of 150 cm. And it comes with a fluid video head for those great panning shots. I own several Manfrotto products, and they’ve never let me down. Buy now.

I hope this list will help you capture some cool footage on your next ski trip. Feel free to share your results in the comment section below. You’re welcome to post a link to your YouTube-channel or Instagram as well. I’d love to see it.

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