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Best exercise gadgets for skiers

Best affordable home-exercise gear for skiing


Winter is coming. The skiing season is at hand. Its time to get in shape for the slopes.

Being fit is important on the ski runs – even for the recreational skier. If you’re not in shape, fatigue will set in earlier and your more prone to injuries and accidents.

So here is a list with some recommended gear, that will help you get into shape and strengthen your core muscles and balance.

Best round wobble balance board for skiing

The ROCCO BALANCE Wobble Board is a great way to strengthen your core muscles and calves while training your coordination and balance at the same time.

The Rocco Balance board rotates 360 degrees with 15 degrees of tilt in any direction. It has a nice anti-skid surface, which you can use barefooted. As you progress try adding a weighted ball and do tossing exercises.

A round balance board is a great option when you’re first starting out with balance boards. Everything is in one piece and very compact. So it is easy to find a place for in the closet when you’re not using it.

It comes with a free exercise video which you can access online.

Best balance board with a roller for skiing

The Revolution 101 Balance Board Trainer is a more advanced version of the round wobble board. It is a bit difficult to use a first but offers more versatile set of exercises in the long run.

The Revolution 101 balance board is great for strengthening your core muscles as well as your thighs, hamstrings, hip, and butt. It is also extremely efficient in training your balance.

For beginners it comes with roller stop on the base, so the roller doesn’t roll too far one way or the other. As you progress, you can remove the stops if you want to take things to the edge – literally.

The top has Dura-Soft grip, which is comfortable to stand on. – So no hard uncomfortable plastic top, you usually find on cheaper models.

Best roller and cushion balance board combi for skiing

The INDO BOARD Original Training Package comes with a board, roller, and a cushion. There’s also an instructional video included.

The deck is available in a lot of cool designs and has a non-slip surface, you can use with shoes or barefooted.

You can view the INDO BOARD package as a combination of the two first mentions on this list, but with the added benefit, that the ball (cushion) is not attached to the deck. This opens up for a whole new range of possible exercises for your whole body.

Whether you like to snowboard, ski or a bit of both, this is a fun way to strengthen your core muscles and legs, while training your balance at the same time.

Best sweetspot trainer for skiing

The SkiA Sweetspot Trainer is a simple yet effective way to train your centered balance, control and coordination while getting comfortable in your ski boots at the same time. It i dry-land training (not for the slopes), so you can do it in front of the television in your living room.

The SkiA Sweetspot trainer comes with one pair of trainers for your boots, and four pairs of balance blocks for different difficulty levels.

The SkiA Sweetspot will help you get centered in your boots, train your balance, and strengthen your calves and quads at the same time.

If you bought new ski boots or if you haven’t worn your boots in a year, the SkiA Sweetspot trainer is also a great way to breaking-in or getting used to your boots again from the comfort of your living-room or gym. That way you will feel less sore after the first couple of days on the pistes.

Even though this is a very simple exercising device, don’t think it is easy. Expert skiers are also advised to start with the green blocks (the easiest). Advanced and expert skiers will benefit from tuning the subtle muscles movements necessary for precise turns.

The Sweetspot trainer can be used by adults and children (from 5-6 years upwards) of all ability levels and fits every size of alpine ski boots.

Best trampoline in-home rebounder for skiing exercises

The JumpSport 250 Fitness Trampoline is a fun way to improve your balance and core. And it is an excellent way to increase your cardiovascular system and adapt to aerobic training. It is also a great way to strengthen your glutes and leg muscles.

I’m a minimalist and barefoot runner, and I’ve learned a lot from Dr. Mark Cucuzzella, who is one of the experts in the field. So I thought that I would share a video with an excellent exercise by Dr. Cucuzzella, which is sure to get your heart pumping.

The exercise is great for strengthening your glutes, activation your hip flexors and hamstrings at the same time, which are all important areas for a good skiing position. You’ll need some kind of resistance band for this particular exercise.

Best balance board for snowboarding and learning tricks – great fun for kids too!

The Spooner Board Pro is a really fun way to strengthen your core and training your balance. And you can even do tricks on it too.

The Spooner Board is essential a curved skateboard without the wheels. And like it is possible to do with skateboards, you can do 360s, slide and flip this board too.

While it doesn’t say so in the product description, the board is sturdy enough to take outside and use it as a sled. The anti-slip strips work great. You can even stand on it when you go down the hill if you dare.

There’s a smaller kids-version available in lots of different colors called the Spooner Freestyle board.

Best Yoga Mat for doing core exercises for skiing

The LIFORME Yoga Mat is an awesome mat for doing core exercises.

First, the mat comes with practical alignment markers to guide your position on the mat. And the surface has a really good grip, so you won’t slip – even when your feet or hands get sweaty.

Second, the mat strikes a good balance when it comes to dimensions an thickness. It measures 72.8″ (185 cm) long x 26.8″ (68 cm) wide and 0.16″ (0.4 cm) thick.

That’s room enough for most people to lie outstretched. And even tall people can do the plank without having to have their feet and/or head outside the mat.

The thickness provides a firm and comfortable cushioning at the same time. It only weighs 5.51 pounds (2.5 kg) and comes with a very nice bag, so it is easy to transport. And it doesn’t budge when you move around on it.

Third, the mat is made from biodegradable non-toxic materials with natural rubber. I’ll happily pay a bit extra if I can do something for the environment at the same time.

The mat is available in four different colors.

In my opinion, this is without a doubt the best Yoga Mat on the market at the time of writing. Just remember to gently clean it after each use.

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