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Beardo ski masks

BEARDO ski masks and balaclavas are great fun


Beardo ski masks and balaclavas
The original Bear and Orangutan balaclavas from Beardo. Images appear courtesy of Beardowear.com

I rarely write a post about a single brand. This time though, I had to make an exception, because I think the Beardo Beard Hats, ski masks, and balaclavas are hilarious.

The Canadian company Beardo launched the original Beard Hat in 2006. It is the invention of Canadian-born Jeff Phillips, who happens to be an avid snowboarder.

Jeff came up with the idea when he was visiting Whistler, British Columbia, while he was at the 7th heaven summit atop the Blackcomb mountain.

How exactly the idea came about to make a hat with a detachable beard was still some of a puzzle though.

So I decided to reach out to Jeff with a few questions:

SR: It states on your webpage, that you’re an avid snowboarder and that you came up with the idea for the Beard Hat in 2006 in Whistler, while atop the Blackcomb mountain summit, at 7th heaven. Why? What happened atop that summit? Was it the thin air that made you get that crazy idea?

Jeff: Well, I first came up with the idea when I converted a scarf into a makeshift beard while on a snowboarding trip on Whistler Mountain, in end of 2006, the first Beardo Bearded Toque was made by myself on the top of the ‘7th heaven’ run in Whistler. I just ripped a hole in a scarf so I could drink my water and my friends laughed as it looked like a real beard. I later tied a few strings for shape and the first very crude Beardo was born. It actually looked pretty good, but needed to be severely refined.

SR: Was the original Beardo funded by a Kickstarter campaign like the ski masks?

Jeff: No, kickstarter didn’t exist back then. It just went viral on its own through blogs and the media.

SR: Can you still use the Beardo and other beard style masks, if they get wet?

Jeff: Yes they can still be used. The ski masks have water repelling material so that helps a lot!

SR: Are the products mostly for fun or can you actually wear them as proper protection against the weather while you ski or snowboard? If not all of them, which one would you recommend as proper ski wear?

Jeff: People do give them as a novelty gift a lot, but they were indeed made for the purpose of keeping you warm. They definitely do their job! I use mine every time I hit the slopes

SR: Are there any breathing holes in the ski masks, so your goggles won’t start to get foggy?

Jeff: The first design had a breathing hole in the front but in order to make them look more realistic for the animal masks, we removed the hole and stuck with breathable fabrics so your goggles don’t fog as much. We also made our own goggles, which have the most air vents of any pair on the market! They won’t fog and look really cool!

SR: Thank you so much for your time.

I don’t know about you, but I’m getting one of these. I just have to find out which one of the fun designs are my favorite. Right now I’m torn between the orangutan, the collie, and the Viking beard hat.

But don’t take my word for it. Have a look for yourself.

Beardo Beard Hats for snowboarding and skiing

Want to look like a Viking on the slopes (who doesn’t?) Then try the Beardo Viking Detachable Beard Hat.

You’re never too young to grow a true Viking beard with the Kids Battle Viking Detachable Beard Hat. This is how I imagine my ancestors looked like as kids in the 11th centuries.

If you’re going for more of a trimmed look, you should ski with the Original Beard Hat.

If you think there are too many trees on your off-piste run, you should go for the Lumberjack Burly Beard Hat. Remember to yell “Tiiiiiiiiiiiiiimber” as you descend. The beard is detachable from the hat like all the other beard hats on this list.

The Beardo ski mask with high-quality HD design print

Ever wanted to look like a blowup doll while you ski? I’m not talking about your puffy 1980s style onesie ski suit. I’m talking about the Beardo Blowup Doll Ski Mask. This ski mask comes with a seamless design, anti-microbial material, anti-fog protection for usage with goggles, and a fresh air blow breath hole.

If blowup dolls aren’t exactly your thing, you might wanna go for the canine version instead. If you’ve ever dreamt of looking like a collie, the Black and White Collie Dog Facemask is the thing for you. You might wanna consider dangling a bone in front of you from your ski pole if you think you’re skiing to slow.

The Beardo balaclava with the high-quality HD image design print

In the jungle, the mighty jungle, the lion sleeps tonight. A-weema-wah, a-weema-wah, a-weema-wah, a-weema-wah. If you want to put some fear into your fellow skiers, you could wear the Beardo Balaclava Lion Ski Mask.

Seen Planet of the Apes from 2001? Here’s your chance to look almost like General Thade with the Beardo Orangutan Balaclava.

Disclaimer: I’m a big sci-fi nerd. So here’s another pop culture reference for you. Ever seen the 1987 movie Spaceballs? The Beardo Pepperoni Pizza Balaclava is probably your best bet to look like Pizza the Hutt.

If you’re ever going skiing in Perisher or Mount Buller down-under you definitely got to have the Beardo Koala Balaclava, if you want to blend in with the local wildlife.

Here’s another canine for you. If the collie ski mask further up this list doesn’t cut it, and you want to have some protection from the cold weather for your ears as well, you could go with the Beardo Collie Dog Ski Mask instead.

Want to look like a bear on the slopes? Then have a look at the cool Beardo Bear Balaclava. You still need to watch out for grizzlies though. I’m not sure they will get fooled as easily.

Which one is your favorite? Let me know in the comments.

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