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Best skis for groomed slopes – for all ability levels 2019


I’ve roamed the coldest forums of the internet, wandered through the icy corridors of groomed subforums, and sought out the wisdom of the skiing Elders (most of which were younger than me).

The Elders agreed to answer my questions if I sacrificed a pair of old 190 cm Salomon MLX Monocoque on the Eternal Flame of Fire and Ice. I had no other choice than to yield to their demand.

As the flames ate through the old straights, I felt the warmth of wisdom flowing into my veins, while the Elders chanted an old medley of DJ Ötzi, Boney M, and Hansi Hinterseer songs.

After we had shared a bowl of Glühwein, I bid the Elders farewell and began my journey back to civilization.

After five days of defying a grueling blizzard, I’ve lost all knowledge of the location of the sacred cave of the skiing Elders. But my newfound wisdom is still throwing through my veins.

So without further ado, I here present you with the best skis for groomed slopes for 2019.

Best skis for beginners

Völkl RTM 76 with V-Motion 10.0 GW Bindings are a forgiving set of skis, which can take you from those first turns up to intermediate level, where you start to go from skid turns to carve turns.

The RTM76 ski profile features an early rise rocker tip for easy turn initiation and a traditional camber for the rest of the ski, which provides you with a good carve through the turns on groomers. The 76 mm waist combined a short turning radius makes these skis a breeze to handle.

All-in-all the Völkl RTM 76 are good skis for the beginner and intermediate skier. They’ll forgive a lot of small mistakes, but still be stable as you begin to build up some speed and starts to progress from skid turns and into carving technique. Buy now.

Most versatile skis for beginners to good skiers

Dynastar Speed Zone 7 with Xpress 11 bindings are versatile skis intended for groomed ski runs. The Speed Zone 7 skis will suit everyone from beginners to good skiers.

If you’re a beginner they are very forgiving in nature and will allow you to make mistakes without falling all the time. If you’re intermediate they can help you transition from skid turns to parallel carving turns. If you’re a good skier, they offer a very nice comfortable ride on groomers. Finding skis, which is actually suitable for beginners, intermediate, and good skiers are pretty unique.

In short, the Dynastar Speed Zone 7 is a versatile ski for recreational skiers who love groomed pistes. It’s suitable for beginners and intermediate skiers and still leaves extra room to grow. Buy now.

Best skis for intermediate to advanced skiers

K2 iKonic 84 Skis with M3 12 TCX Bindings is an excellent choice for the intermediate skier who wants to grow or the advanced skier who likes to cruise on hard-packed corduroys.

The K2 iKonic 84 skis are soft and forgiving enough to allow for mistakes on those carving turns and offer great turn initiation, which will suit intermediate and advanced-intermediate skiers.

But the skis are also fairly stable (the core is made from wood with carbon) when the speed ramps up and offers great grip due to the tip rocker/camber profile.

This is a great ski if you’ve recently progressed from skid turns, or if you just want to cruise at mellow speeds on groomers. Buy now.

Best carving skis for good to advanced skiers

Dynastar Speed Zone 12 TI skis with SPX 12 Konect bindings are an excellent choice for good skiers, who are already confident in carving turns, to advanced skiers, who enjoy a smooth to fast ride on groomers.

The Speed Zone 12 TI features a subtle tip rocker for easy turn initiation and has a traditional camber profile and full sidewalls, which provides excellent edge grip, precision, balance, and power in turns. The sidecut is tip 121/waist 72/tail 106.

All-in-all the Dynastar Speed Zone 12 TI are excellent skis for medium hard to hard conditions. Good skiers who like stiff skis, which are easy to carve should definitely check them out. Buy now.

Best fast skis for groomers for advanced to expert skiers

Salomon S/Max Blast skis with XT12 TL Bindings are excellent skis for the aggressive on-trail skiers, who knows what they’re doing and like to go fast!

The full race camber profile combined with a full woodcore, full sandwich sidewall construction, and double titanium reinforcement allows for aggressive and tight turns on steep pistes with precise control.

The sidecut is tip 121 mm/waist 72 mm/tail 106 mm.

In short, the Salomon S/Max Blast are expert carving skis build for speed and precision. Buy now.

Best all-mountain skis for experts

The Völkl M5 Mantras are demanding all-mountain freeride skis for advanced and expert skiers.

It seems like you can’t enter a ski forum on the net without finding someone speaking highly about the Völkl M5 Mantra. That is pretty amazing for ski, which was first introduced in 2005.

The newest version has a waist width of 96mm (as compared to 100 mm on earlier versions) and comes with a Titanal frame, and carbon tips. This makes the skis a bit easier to turn when compared to earlier iterations, but they are still stiff enough to go fast. The M5 Mantras has a sidecut of 134/96/117 and turn radius between 17.9 (for the 170 cm skis) and 23.3 (for the 191 cm skis).

The M5 Mantras comes with a moderate early taper and full sidewall. The profile is Rocker/Camber/Rocker.

The M5 Mantras are for advanced to experts skiers who want to go everywhere on the mountain including groomers. Buy now.

Do you agree with this list? Are there some skis, that I should’ve mentioned? If you can recommend some good skis for groomed pistes – for any ability levels – please share in the comments. Happy skiing and be safe!