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The 10 best places to go summer skiing (2022)


So you’ve set your heart on an amazing ski trip, with plenty of snow glittering on the slopes, and the thrill of zooming down every one of them. Unfortunately, it’s summer.

For most ski resorts that you know of, this means huge patches of grass, closed run, or yucky slush that depresses you to no end.

Could there be anything worse?

You spend a lot of money on vacation at a ski resort or any other place where skiing is one of the main attractions. In such cases, a no-snow winter could be devastating. When it’s summer, you can just forget about it.

What’s to be done, then? After all, we can’t control the weather, so we just have to take a gamble each season.

Fortunately, there is a way out of this risk. As always, the key is preparing and researching beforehand!

Don’t book those tickets just yet. There are several resorts scattered around which boast snow the whole year-round, or at least most of it.

Before global warming hits, book a vacation at a summer ski resort and zoom your heart out! But first, let’s take a look at what to consider when looking for a snow-sure skiing place:

Finding a Snowy Resort in the Summer

The summer vacation is when most people want to go away for a while. Most people are off from college or school, and the heat will have many longing for snow.

For passionate skier and snowboarders, the longing is even more intense. However, check out these factors before you plunk down money on any bookings:

Not Just Fake Snow

Many summer ski resorts have fake snow from snow cannons, but that’s not necessary. Natural factors also need consideration.


While just location might not be a factor that guarantees summer snow, there are some lucky placements when it comes to certain resorts.

The weather system near the Arctic Circle, for instance, will give you a snow-sure location for now. There are other factors to take into account, such as the proximity to the coats and the snowfall average.

Of course, such locations also mean that it’s going to be extremely cold throughout the year. You’ll need insulated jackets, gloves, and be used to dealing with such temperatures.


Don’t like that slushy snow at the bottom of the slopes? If you want to avoid this completely, looking for resorts at high altitudes is your best bet.

These should be above freezing level and snow level as well. This means you’d be in temperatures below 32 degrees Fahrenheit.

North-Facing Slopes

South-facing slopes greet the springtime much more quickly than their North-facing counterparts. You could ski down one side of the mountain and come to a snow-covered village. Ski down the other side, and you’ll probably have to walk before reaching the bottom.


Skiing area in the Dolomites Alps. Overlooking the Sella group in Val Gardena. Italy

To make sure if there is snow on the slopes, look for resorts that have a nearby glacier. This will also mean a high altitude, as that’s where those beautiful objects are.

If you do decide to ski on a glacier, though, keep in mind that they’re essentially dense blocks of ice. They’re so heavy that their weight leads to a constant if slight, movement.

Be sure to stay on the marked trails at such resorts, or take a guide with you when striking out elsewhere. The weight also causes crevasses due to sheer stress. You don’t want to encounter a 330-feet deep ravine!

A glacier would, however, preserve snow just like a freeze pack preserves food. Be careful, though; if the snow is scraped away, the slopes there could become icy and slippery.

About Snow Cannons

With global warming melting away our glaciers as we speak, the use of snow cannons has become increasingly common. In the past few decades, this technology has been quite handy in making even low-altitude resorts a snow haven for skiers.  

Of course, this doesn’t mean it’s the real thing. Still, the snow-canons do increase in that snowy season and provide an accurate skiing opportunity. They also extend the area, so you can keep skiing where the real snow ends.

Some of the Best Places for Summer Skiing

For Americans, the easiest way to get summer skiing is to choose those high peaks in North America. If you’re up for flying to another country, several parts of Europe might also have snow in the summer.

You might also consider flying to the Southern Hemisphere, where your summer is their winter. Check out some places in Australia, Chile, Argentina, and New Zealand. June to October is the winter phase here, with several resorts all pumped up for the ski season.

We’ll now look at some actual places where summer skiing is impossible. These resorts will give you some of the best snow experiences, so pick and choose according to your requirements:

1.      Alyeska Resort in Alaska


Alaska might be in the northwest of Canada, but it’s still a U.S. state that you can travel to without much hassle. Not surprising, the resorts here are pretty much a safe bet for snow during the summer months.

The Alyeska Resort is one of these, but keep in mind that it’s next to the coastline. This means that the slopes could turn slushy at the very bottom. The average snowfall here is quite high, though you’ll also have to prepare for some bad weather.

2.      Timberline Lodge in Oregon

Photo of Mount Hood from Timberline Lodge.

This ski resort has the longest skiing season you can find in North America. It’s about a 1.5-hour drive if you’re in Portland. The quad lift is a high-speed one that makes the mountains operable from June 1st to Labor Day.

You might even get in some skiing weekends throughout the fall season. There are several groomed slopes across the resort, with many on the south-facing slope of Mount Hood. There are also freestyling and ski-racing camps in the summer, with a lane, always reserved for public usage.

3.      Snowbird Resort in Salt Lake City

In Utah, the Salt Lake City ski resort also experiences a lot of snowfall for most years. There’s also a high level of moisture in the air, thanks to the Great Salt Lake.

The lake also warms up the surroundings, which means that the moisture cools when the air rises. This results in a ton of snow all over the Snowbird resort.

4.      Arapahoe Basin in Colorado

Arapahoe Basin and Loveland

This resort has Colorado’s longest ski season, with powder days found even in mid-May. It opens with the earliest of them in October, with the season usually ending in June. However, they have been known to operate right through to the fourth of July.

5.      Squaw Valley, California

The tram is approaching the mountain top at Squaw Valley, a western USA ski resort seen here in summer.

This is an internationally renowned resort that boasts no less than six thousand miles of pure skiing heaven! With 42 lifts, 270 trials, and a quaint European-like village nearby, you’ll be having the time of your life.

Snowfall is about 450 inches each year, making this a prime destination for the spring and summer. There are beginner and intermediate skiing areas, so don’t be afraid of taking the whole family along.

6.      Mammoth Mountain in California

This past year, we saw the ski season last until early July. Some of the storm cycles in that area bring in several more feet of snow in the middle of the season. 

You’ll get in a lot of skiing here, along with mountain biking and even golfing options. The features are all well-maintained, even in the summertime.

7.      Whistler Blackcomb in British Columbia

At the Horstman Glacier, you’ll get summer skiing in the middle of June all through to the tail-end of July. The route is a scenic one, involving three chairlifts so that you can imagine the altitude.

However, keep in mind that the glacier requires an advanced skiing level at the very least.

8.      Kaprun Resort in Austria

Mountain in winter, Kaprun, Austria

If you’re up for a trip to Europe, the Kaprun resort is a must-try for summer skiing. The ski area is mostly open for the whole year, along with the terrain park. Intermediate skiers have a lot of opportunities while amenities such as a food court and sun deck will help you make the most of your vacation.

9.      Dachstein Glacier  in Austria

Hallstatt, Austria. Mountain village in the Austrian Alps near Dachstein.

This place has flat slopes that face the north, making for excellent powder conditions. It’s also a training center for international skiers and athletes.

There are also several activities for non-skiers, so groups of friends and families can book a place without much worrying. There’s something for everyone!

10.  Coronet Peak in New Zealand

New Zealand mountain panorama and snow ski slopes as seen from Coronet Peak ski resort, Queenstown

Moving out of the North and into the Southern Hemisphere, let’s finish up with the popular Coronet Peak resort in New Zealand. There’s a wonderfully varied terrain park for advanced pros, but you also have ski runs for every skiing level.

Time to explore summer skiing places!

Looking for a place to ski in the summer shouldn’t be too difficult, especially if you know where to look. Any of these resorts would do for an amazing ski trip, though there are several more all over the world. Choose one now and have the summer ski season you deserve!

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