11 Reasons why Skiing is Awesome!

Last updated on January 13th, 2020 at 10:24 am

I love to ski! But before I went on my first ski trip 23 years ago, I couldn’t for the life of me comprehend why people would spend a week outside in cold weather and snow.

I finally caved in due to some mild peer pressure from my friends in high school. And after the first trip, I was sold. Now I can comprehend why people won’t go skiing – except for maybe medical reasons of course.

So here’s my list of 11 reasons why I think skiing is awesome! – Totally objective of course 😉

1. Skiing is fun

Skiing is such an adrenalin rush at all ability levels.

If you’re a beginner, just putting on the skis for the first time can be a fun challenge. And when they start to glide and you don’t know what to do – except maybe throwing yourself in the snow – it’s such a thrill. And when you try to make your first turn on a green slope, your heart will be pumping for sure.

As you progress and become a better skier the challenges will continue to grow with you. And overcoming them will keep being as much fun, as that first turn on the green slope.

And even then, going back to visit the green and blue runs will still be a joy. You’ll be able to ski those run with greater ability and the experience of being in control and just such a nice feeling.

2. Skiing has a challenge for everyone

In continuation of the first point, skiing has a challenge for everyone.

If you begin to think the triple black diamond slopes are becoming boring, you might try your luck in the freestyle snow park instead. Get a pair of twin-tip skis and hit those rails and pipes.

Or maybe you should hire a helicopter and try your luck with some backcountry off-piste? You could also strap on a pair of alpine ski touring skis and climb a mountain yourself and then ski down.

Or you might want to become a mogul expert skier or move into speed skiing.

The possibilities are virtually endless, which makes skiing a lifetime sport.

3. Skiing is a wonderful way to stay in touch with nature

Skiing is an awesome way to get in touch with nature

As I mentioned in the introduction to this blog post, I was hooked on skiing after my first trip. And besides all the fun, I had, the nature experience had a lot to do with that as well.

I can still vividly recall the sight, when I first took the gondol lift to the mountain top in Iscghl in Austria. As the gondol reached the top I got to see something, that I’d never in my life at that time had imagined, I should experience. There were just snow covered mountain peaks glistening in the sun, as far as the eye could see. 

The image has been burned into my mind ever since. And from that moment, I knew I was hooked. And I hadn’t even put on my first pair of skis yet. Man, was I eager to learn to ski and to explore those mountains!?

But the vistas are just one of the things, nature has in store for you when you go skiing.

There’s also the warmth of the sun (which can be quite harsh, so always remember to put on sunscreen) mixed with cold snow, which is quite amazing to experience. I find it quite fascinating, that you can take off your jacket and enjoy your lunch at an altitude of 11,000 feet in the snow and still get a tan.

Another favorite nature experience of mine, is when I ski down through some clouds.

You start by being above the clouds, which in itself is quite beautiful, and then you ski down through the cloud and everything starts to look like candyfloss around you. It’s really beautiful.

4. Skiing is a social experience

There’s nothing better than to explore the terrain with some good friends or your family. You can take in the views together, laugh at each other, when you fall (which you will!) and help each other get back up on your skis again.

It’s also nice to have someone to enjoy lunch with. You can either have lunch (and other well-deserved breaks for that matter) at one of the many scenic restaurants in the mountains or have a picnic in the snow.

In the afternoon and evenings, it’s fun to go after skiing together. Just don’t drink on the mountain and ski down afterward, please. You’ll be a hazard to both yourself, your friends and other skiers.

If you’re in a larger group, it’s a good idea to split up into groups based on your proficiency as a skier. It’s not as much fun if good skiers always have to wait on you. And it’s not fun for a beginner to always be the last one down.

I traveled with some good skiers once. They might ski some distance down the mountain, and then take a break and wait for me. When I finally reached them, they started again, because they had already ready again.

The result was, that I never really got a break. And by the end of the day, my quads were killing me. Not fun for any of us.

Besides, having those small social breaks on the slopes together is so nice.

5. Skiing is easy to learn

Skiing is easy to learn, but hard to master. That is a good thing if you’re just starting out. Because in a matter of days, you’ll be able to explore the terrain on your own.

As I’ve previously argued though you should always prioritize to spend some money and time on your first trip to attend ski school. There’s a good chance, that you’ll actually be skiing the slopes much faster, not to mention much safer, than if you don’t.

6. Skiing is great for burning calories and losing a few pounds

Skiing is a great way to burn some calories and have great fun at the same time.

When you go skiing, you literally spend your whole day moving around and using every inch of your body.

It’s tough to move your body at high altitudes, falling and trying to get back up again, walking around in heavy ski boots and twisting and turning your body and skis in order to constantly adapt to the terrain.

If you want to find out just how many calories you, burn while skiing, you should read this blog post.

7. Skiing is a great way to travel and discover new places in the world

You might be surprised, as to how many places, you can actually ski.

Granted not all places are for everyone. A lot of backcountry skiing requires serious off-piste skills as well as mountaineering skills.

But even if you’re just a groomer like myself, you can still go alpine skiing all across the globe.

Skiing in the US and Canada

Snowmass, CO

If you live in the US like Breckenridge, Vail or Aspen in Colorado, Park City in Utah, Lake Tahoe in California, Jackson Hole in Wyoming, The Finger Lakes in New York, or Alyeska Resort in Alaska.

You could also visit the dry powder off-piste in Canada, e.g. Revelstoke, Whistler or Fernie. Or if you’re more into groomers, you could go to Big White or Sun Peaks.

Skiing in Europe

In Europe, there’s also a lot of places to ski. In Scandinavia, both Sweden and Norway have some excellent resorts. In Sweden, you could go to Åre, Idre Fjäll or Sälen. In Norway, you’ll find such beautiful places as Trysil, Geilo or Hemsedal.

Then, of course, there’s also the Alps, which feature several world-famous skiing resorts.

France has numerous skiing resorts including Val d’isère and Tignes, Les 3 Valées (Val Thorens, Les Menuires, Méribel and Courchevel) and Chamonix.

Austria also has several famous resorts including St Anton am Arlberg, Ischgl, Sölden, and Kitzbühel.

Switzerland has some excellent (and expensive) resorts as well including Verbier, Zermatt (with the picturesque Matterhorn peak), Davos, St Moritz and Samnaun (which connects to Ischgl).

Italy is also famous for some outstanding ski resorts including Cervinia (which link to Zermatt in Switzerland), Livigno, Cortina d’Ampezzo, Corvara, Alagna, and Passo Tonale. 

Eastern Europe also has some awesome skiing resorts, which are usually a lot cheaper than those in Western Europe and Scandinavia.

If you’re planning on going skiing in Eastern Europe, you should check out Mariborsko Pohorje, Jasna or Kranjska Gora in Slovenia, Bansko or Pamporovo in Bulgaria, Kopaonik in Serbia, Jahorina in Bosnia and Herzegovina and Kolašin in Montenegro.

There are many other places to ski in Europe of course – too many to name them all. You can go alpine skiing from Iceland to Germany, to the Sierra Nevadas in the South of Spain. Believe it or not, we even have a couple of hills, where you can go alpine skiing here in Denmark, but those are not something worth visiting.

You can also ski in Russia (e.g., in Rosa Khutor), in Turkey (e.g., in Mt Palandöken near Erzurum, Mount Erciyes in Anatolia or 
Kartepe or Uludağ National Park near Istanbul).

Skiing in Asia

Asia also has some very good skiing resorts, especially in Japan. If you’re planning to go to Japan for your next ski trip, you should check out Furano, Hotaka Olympia (beginners), Dynaland or Happo One.

Skiing in Australia, New Zealand, and Argentina

If you plan to go to the Southern Hemisphere for your next ski trip, there are many good places to ski in New Zealand, Australia and South America as well.

In Australia, you should check out Perisher (which links the four resorts Perisher, Blue Cow, Smiggins and Guthega) located in Mt Kosciuszko National Park in New South Wales.

In New Zealand, you should check out Whakapapa, Mount Ruapehu, Cardrona, and Coronet Peak, which all have some excellent skiing for all levels.

The Andes in Argentina also has some beautiful places to go skiing. You should check out Chapelco, La Hoya, and of course Catedral Alta Patagonia.

Other opportunities to go skiing

This is by no means a comprehensive list of course. But it might get you some new ideas for your next ski trip. And what it shows is, that you can ski all year round, if you get the opportunity to travel.

Besides all these nice resorts, you can always also go to some of the artificial resorts build by man. You can go skiing in Dubai if you want to, and soon you’ll also be able to ski on top of an incineration plant in the middle of Copenhagen here in Denmark.

Some ski resorts, usually those that are placed at a high altitude and has a glacier in the vicinity of the town, offers the opportunity to go summer skiing. You have to get up early though because around noon the snow will have become slush. People usually spend the rest of the day playing tennis, golfing, hiking or just relaxing.

8. Skiing opens the door to a lot of fun opportunities

Skiing opens the door to a lot of other opportunities for having fun in the snow.

If need a break from the slopes for a day or two, you could always go snowshoeing and explore the terrain around the town. You can usually rent snowshoes at the same places you rent skis.

A lot of resorts also have spas and thermal pools, where you can sink your sore body into nice warm water. Some places even have hot springs and pools outside, so you can sit in the warm spa water and take in the scenery (and a hot drink) at the same time. You could always also get a massage or a facial if you feel for it.

You could also take your significant other for a romantic sleigh ride pulled by horses or even a reindeer. Snug up under a warm blanket in the sleigh and listen to the jingle bells, jingle all the way.

You can also go on a toboggan ride and some places even try a bobsled if you’ve got the stomach for it. Be careful with both though. There’s been a lot of nasty accidents involving toboggan rides, alcohol, and trees.

If you got the money and the guts, you can also go for a hot air balloon ride or for a trip in a hang glider over the mountain peaks.

And you could, of course, trade-in your two planks for one and go snowboarding instead.

9. Skiing is a good way to try the local food

Granted, a lot of the food you get at skiing resorts is junk food. But if you take your time, you can find some very good restaurants in most places.

Take your time and try some fine French cuisine in Sierre-Chevalier or the local cheese fondue in Tignes. Or find a place in Austria to try a quality  Schnitzel in Ischgl. Or maybe you should go for a large Australian steak from local cattle in Perisher, Australia or some genuine Japanese sushi in Japan?

10. Skiing is awesome when it comes to meeting new friends

Skiing is awesome for making new friends. Even if it is just for the week. Join some of the trips, the guides have put together like a picnic in the sun or a guided tour of the terrain.

In the latter, you’ll usually be split up into smaller groups, with people at your own skill level. It’s a great way to get to know new people and find friends to ski with for the week.

That can be a good idea if all of your friends are much better or much worse at skiing than yourself. You can always plan a daily run or two and lunch with your friends too.

11. After the skiing comes the after skiing

Ah yes. When the days on the slopes have ended, and you’re ready to go to sleep, then the party starts.

After skiing – or après-ski as the French would have it – for some starts early in the afternoon on the mountain restaurants with drinking and dancing on the tables.

It can be great fun, but for your own and everybody else’s sake, please ride the cable car down to the town instead of skiing.

From there on it mostly is about dancing or hearing live music, while drinking and hammering in nails in a block of wood with a single blow from a hammer.

Be careful when you walk home on the icy roads while drunk.

Pro Tip: riding in a gondola in windy conditions with a serious hangover is not recommended. I speak from experience.

What do you love most about skiing? Let me know in the comments 🙂

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