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How should I take care of my ski boots?

Your ski boots are the most important purchase next to your ski jacket. And a good ski boot is an investment so naturally, you want to take good care of your boots. But how do you do that? What’s the best way to care for your ski boots, when you’re […]

Should I wear a helmet when skiing?

Through the years, I’ve heard arguments for and against wearing a helmet while skiing. So I decided to do some research in order to see if I could come up with a definite answer. So should you wear a helmet when skiing? Yes! You should definitely wear a helmet when […]

How to find a snow-sure ski resort

Not all winters are created equal. While some winters offer lots of snow, others offer almost none at all. Everyone who has been on a ski trip, with no snow can agree, that looking up at closed ski runs with huge spots of green grass or trying to ski in […]

Can I use drones on ski slopes?

I own a Mavic Pro 2 drone with the fly more combo from DJI. And I absolutely love to fly it. I also love skiing. So, of course, I wanted to see, if I could combine the two. But can I use my drone in ski resorts? The quick answer is, […]

11 Reasons why Skiing is Awesome!

I love to ski! But before I went on my first ski trip 23 years ago, I couldn’t for the life of me comprehend why people would spend a week outside in cold weather and snow. I finally caved in due to some mild peer pressure from my friends in […]